Value Added Services

Value Addition Services

To our Main business functions.

Without just limiting to land sales, we provide following value addition services to ensure the safety and reliability of our valued customer’s investment.

Financial Advisory Serices

We provide a variety of payment methods and plans along with assistance to obtain loans from well-known Sri Lankan banks.

Legal Advisory Services

Completely eliminate or minimize the risk of exposing yourself to unnecessary legal matters. Our lawyers and industry experts would provide you comprehensive legal advisory services.

Real Estate Consultancy

Selecting the most suitable land for your needs is sometimes confusing. Let our professional team to guide you towards making the best decision on which prestige land to buy. Because your investment matters.

Surveying Services

Accelerate the entire survey process with our professional team whom use state of art technologies to maximize accuracy.

Valuation Services

Let us evaluate your land considering most important market dynamics and provide best valued options.